Reverse the Silence

Reverse the Silence

Matt and Shane began their music careers as solo hip hop artists under the names Ice Pic and Frantik. After a few years on the scene Matt (Ice Pic) and Shane (Frantik) met in 2006. Shane then joined Matt’s rock/rap band, Crimson Bile.

Over the next two years Matt and Shane performed various shows and released music as part of Crimson Bile. In 2008 Shane left the band. Crimson Bile continued on, amassing a large following and performing with various national acts. The band split up in 2012.

In 2015 Matt and Shane started working on rap/rock music together again but the project didn’t take off.

Ultimately, in early 2017, Matt and Shane found their sound. Under the name “Reverse the Silence” they eliminated the rap and are currently working on their debut album which they hope to release by the early 2018.

Group Members

Matt Joyce
Shane Nadeau


Demo (2018)

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