Raven Hunter

Raven Hunter

Raven Hunter is a Horrorcore rapper from Maryland. He has had a long, lucrative rap career and has been involved in multiple group projects and has been part of some of the most iconic labels in the genre, including 3rd Shift Entertainment, Cutthroat Productions, Butchered Beat Productionz, and most recently, 5th Power Entertainment.


Ain’t Nuttin’ Changed (2002)
Forever (2002)
Tha Last Dayz (2002)
Who I Be (2002)
Whut She Don’t Know (2002)
Get It Hott (2003)
I Must Confess (2003)
I Told U So (2003)
Anutha Fake One (2004)
Appearencez (2004)
As Darkness Fallz (2004)
Death Comez Quik (2004)
Lapdance (2004)
One Final Fuck You (2004)
Playa $quadz Own (2004)
Project Pale Pimp (2004)
Shattered Piecez (2004)
Reflectionz (w/ Kamp Blood) (2004)
Tha History Of (2004)
The Return (2005)
A Legend Returnz (2006)
Ground Zero (2006)
Once Upon A Time (2006)
Eternal EP (2008)
How The Dead Stole Christmas (2008)
Ghost Livez (2009)
Life As I See It (2009)
Ressurrection (w/ Kamp Blood) (2009)
The Ressurrection (w/ Sons of Satan) (2011)
Twisted Tales (w/ Kamp Blood) (2012)
That’z So Raven (2013)
The Boogie Man (2013)
Are You Afraid of the Dark? (2014)
The Beginning (w/ The Hewitt Family) (2014)
Tha World Is My Stage (2014)
Christmas Invasion (2014)
Anger Management (w/ The Gecko Brothers) (2014)
Horrorcore Outlawz (w/ The Gecko Brothers) (2014)
22 Yearz EP (2015)
Beware EP (2015)
Darkness Incarnate (2015)
Dren (The Complete Saga) EP (2015)
The Plague Volume One (2015)
The Plague Volume Two (2015)
The Last Ride EP (w/ The Gecko Brothers) (2015)
The Midnight Hour (w/ The Gecko Brothers) (2015)
The Plague Volume Three (Eid Raven) (2015)
Unstoppable EP (2015)
The Maryland Chainsaw Massacre EP (2016)
Bringing the Doom (w/ Bracko) (2016)
Tha Pale One Reborn (2017)
Sonz of Satan (w/ The Gecko Brothers) (2017)
Return 2 Planet X (2017)
Prophetz of Evil (w/ Prophetz of Evil) (2018)
Kamp 4 Tha Mentally Insane EP (w/ Kamp Blood) (2019)
Tha Demon Rising (2019)
Kabin By Tha Lake (w/ Kamp Blood) (2020)
Neverending Evil (w/ SixtySix Killz) (2021)
Grave in the Bay (w/ Prophetz of Evil) (2021)
This is Me (2022)

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