Tha Pale One

Raven Hunter

One of the many names used by the artist most widely known as Raven Hunter. Tha Pale One released over a dozen albums under this particular moniker.


Liquid Demon (2002)
Tha Pale One & Tha Family Lost & Cut (2002)
Behold Tha Second Coming (2003)
Midnite Rape (2003)
Missing Pieces Of A Shattered Man (2004)
Sands Of Time (2004)
Better Left Untold (2005)
Children Of Tha Dead EP (2005)
Who Gonna Stop Me (2005)
Rave To Tha Grave (2007)
The Night He Kame Home (2007)
Are You Afraid Of The Dark (2013)
Bloody Beginnings (Remixed Hits) (2013)
Inner Demons (2013)
Skinned Alive PE (2015)
The Plague: Butchered Beat Greatest Hitz (2015)
Inner Demons EP (Khol Drum Remixes) (2016)
Evil Callz Your Name (2017)

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