R-SuN Tr8

R-SuN TR8 started recording music early in 1999. He worked on a series of group collaborations for the majority of his career. This eventually lead to a few ventures into solo work before he retired from music all together in 2013.


Takin’ Over (w/ 51-50 Proof) (1999)
Mark of Thorn (2000)
Return of the Hated (2001)
Old School Serial Killer (2002)
Mask of Sanity (w/ Mask of Sanity) (2003)
No Rest for the Wicked (w/ ASYLUM) (2003)
Brand New Old School (w/ Children of the Corn) (2005)
The Ice Age is Over (2006)
No Talent Hack (as M.C. Funkbreath) (2009)
Show Time (w/ Local Legends) (2009)
A Long Time Coming (w/ Ill Intentions) (2010)
The Take Over (w/ Ill Intentions) (2010)
Operation: Domination (w/ Ill Intentions) (2011)
Lost Tapes Vol. 1 (2011)
Lost Tapes Vol. 2 (2011)
Lost Tapes Vol. 3 (2011)
History of Violence (w/ Ill Intentions) (2011)
Versus (2011)
Mind Your Business (w/ Ill Intentions) (2012)

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