Ill Intentions

Ill Intentions

Ill Intentions consists of two emcees, Mike Fantastik and R-SuN TR8. Both unique in their own ways, the two have struggled to find a format that best fits them.

Fans of nearly every genre in hip hop will have something to love and something to hate. Ill Intentions makes no commitment to any specific format and continuously push the boundaries of what can and cannot be done. Wise cracking, pop culture infused hip hop with no regard for what the listener is used to. With songs that translate well into an amazing live show and personalities that give fans someone to connect to.

Ill Intentions are an incredible source of entertainment on stage or off.

Group Members

Mike Fantastik


A Long Time Coming (2010)
The Take Over (2010)
Operation: Domination (2011)
History of Violence (2011)
Mind Your Business (2012)

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