Pig DukE

Pig DukE

A staple in underground Detroit Horror Rap history…From the Eastside to the SW… Campechanoz tacos screamin’ demonz out ya flesh! Pig DukE, aka the worst dead rapper in Michigan with a detachable penis. The man’s penis was shot. Now that’s a hard motherfucker. Member of the infamous group Devil’s Night Gangstaz. Recorded in 1997, released in 2020 on Placenta Recordings. Something for the pimps, the playaz, the prostitutes, the junkies, the fiends, the pill poppers, the crack heads, the hustlaz, the clucks, the dead homies, and most importantly the FAM. R.I.P. Pig DukE. CD and tape editions available, both containing alternate bonus material not available on the download. Smoke 2 for Pig DukE. Eternally blazing for the Devil’s Night Gangstaz in Hell.


Keeping Everything In Line (The EP) (w/ Devil’s Night Gangstaz) (2019)
Fuck It, My Penis Got Shot​.​.​. (2019)
Inner City Shaman Killin’ Rednex Zombies On Acid LP (w/ Devil’s Night Gangstaz) (2019)
Broken 40 Bottle & Half A Perc (2020)
Ready2Smoke (2020)
Rotten Dot Motherfuckin’ Com (2020)
Mushroomz (The Lost Tape) (w/ Devil’s Night Gangstaz) (2020)
Detroit ROCK City (w/ Devil’s Night Gangstaz) (2020)
Puke Tales 4 My Dream Ho (2020)
Faces Of M*** (2020)
Backwards Scriptures In Da Temple Of Shroomz (2020)
Snatched Weaves & Jarrittos Slushies (2020)
Cactus, Quail, & Hot Railz (2020)
Backwoods & A Korean Bitch (2020)
The Pig DukE Way, Hoe! (2020)
Pig DukE presents Devil’s Night Gangstaz – A Blaze In The Eastside Sky (w/ Devil’s Night Gangstaz) (2020)
Ghetto Savant (2020)
Still Fuckin’ Ya Momma (2020)
Sicko Comix 4 The Mentally Deranged (2021)
Forgotten Faygo: Da Goddamn Stash (25 Disc Box Set) (2021)
Scriptures Of Blasphemy To Blaze In Your Eternal Crypt (w/ Devil’s Night Gangstaz) (2021)
Wouldn’t Be Here Today (2021)
Cap Season (2021)
Wrong Side Of Da Tracks (w/ CX da Grinch) (2021)
Rarities & STDs (2021)
Perky in My Faygo (2021)
Eastside Cemetery Creepin’ (2021)
Just Another Homicide (2022)
The Worst Rapper In Detroit (2022)
666 Percs (2022)
Fake Droughts & GPS Fake Routes (2023)
Da Necrosadist Of Gratiot Ave (2023)
Mexican Town Psychiatric Hospital Vacation (2023)
Eastside Breakfast EP (2024)
Every Single Day In The Detroit Streets (2024)
Countin’ Dog Shit Gettin’ My Ball Licked (2024)
Warp Portal to Buffer Zone Number 3 (w/ Dos Malvado Vatos and Dental Work) (2024)

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