Perverz started rapping in 2004 under the name PerVers. He released two solos and one group album with Krank Macht Reich, before joining Hirntot Records in 2005. The first group EP he was involved in with Hirntot Records, ‘Süsses, Sonst Stich,’ saw all copies seized by the courts. At this time, he changed his name to Perverz.

In 2007, Perverz opened up for another popular German rapper at the time, Kaisaschnitt. In 2011, Perverz founded the label 23Klikk and began releasing solo and group projects on the label. He collaborated with American Memphis rap group ‘Manson Family’ in 2013 and shut the 23Klikk label down in 2016 to rejoin Hirntot Records.


Der Anfang vom Ende (as PerVers) (2004)
KMR Album #1 (w/ Krank Macht Reich) (2005)
Die EP (as PerVers One) (2005)
Doppelalbum (as PerVers) (2005)
Spiel Auf Zeit (as PerVers) (2005)
Süsses, Sonst Stich (w/ Blokkmonsta & Uzi) (2005)
Das Mixtape (2006)
Keina Kann Helfen (2006)
Greatest Hits (w/ Hirntot) (2006)
Süsses, Sonst Stich 2 (w/ Blokkmonsta & Uzi) (2006)
NRK Mixtape #1 (w/ Krank Macht Reich) (2007)
Tiefster Untergrund (w/ Hirntot) (2007)
Mein Kopf Zerplatzt (2007)
Legenden Sterben Nie (w/ Hirntot) (2007)
Süsses, Sonst Stich 3 (w/ Blokkmonsta & Uzi) (2007)
Greatest Hits II (w/ Hirntot) (2008)
23 (w/ Voodoo) (2008)
Worldwide Cartel (w/ Havikk & Hirntot Posse) (2008)
Nichts Zu Verschenken EP (w/ Voodoo) (2008)
Nichts Zu Verschenken 2 EP (w/ Voodoo) (2009)
Nichts Zu Verschenken III EP (w/ Voodoo) (2010)
Das Mixtape Vol. 2: Delirium (2010)
Jahre des Schreckens (2010)
Nichts Zu Verschenken IV EP (w/ Voodoo) (2011)
Das Mixtape Vol. 3: Exhumierung (2011)
Gegen Das Gesetz (2011)
Free Blokk und Hässlich Rap: Der Sampler (2011)
Fehler im System (w/ Uzi) (2012)
Preload (2012)
Sie Bleibt Alleine EP (2012)
Vergangene Tragödien (2012)
Weiter Gegen Das Gesetz (2012)
Im Zeichen der Sturmmaske (w/ Hirntot) (2012)
Nichts Zu Verschenken V: Revolution (w/ Voodoo) (2012)
Tiefster Untergrund 2 (w/ Hirntot) (2012)
Untergrund Gastparts (w/ Hirntot) (2012)
KMR Reloaded (w/ Krank Macht Reich) (2012)
Asoziale Kranke Jungs (w/ Mano Bass) (2012)
Vergangene Tragödien 2004 – 2012 (2012)
Das Mixtape Vol. 5 (2013)
Klikk Boss (2013)
Hirntotes Halloween (w/ Hirntot) (2013)
Mein Kopf Zerplatzt 2 (2013)
Death 2 Pigs (w/ Manson Family) (2013)
Klikk Tape Vol. 1 (w/ 23Klikk) (2013)
Nichts Zu Verschenken 666 (w/ Voodoo) (2014)
Nichts Zu Verschenken 7 (w/ Voodoo) (2014)
Tod Sünden Rap (w/ 23Klikk) (2015)
Nichts Zu Verschenken 8 (w/ Voodoo) (2015)
Klikk Gang (w/ 23Klikk) (2015)
Klikk Tape Vol. 2 (w/ 23Klikk) (2015)
Hirntot EP (w/ Hirntot) (2016)
HT100 (w/ Hirntot) (2016)
HT100 (Remix Edition) (w/ Hirntot) (2016)
Flaggen in die Luft Tour EP (w/ Hirntot & Ruffiction) (2017)
Hirntot Originals (w/ Blokkmonsta) (2018)

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