Cocaine Krueger

Cocaine Krueger

Born on April 14, 1997, Cocaine Krueger is a rapper from Memphis, TN who has been making music in the underground since he was 13 years old. He eventually started the group Futuristik Mafia along with Lil’ Infamous and Young Jizzle. The group made a few singles before disbanding.

He was a member of Doomshop Records since 2015. He released two EPs under the label. In 2019, he left Doomshop Records and joined 6 Feet Deep Records.


Mindfucked (w/ Demented Bastards) (2009)
Human Sacrifices (2011)
Trill Evil (2013)
Sadistic EP (2013)
Satanic Junts Mixtape (w/ D-Toxide) (2013)
Killer EP (2015)
Killer Remixes (w/ Youth N Asia) (2017)
Doperun EP (2018)
Taken Away to the 6ix (w/ Yung Dmize) (2018)
2019 (2019)
Undaground Souther Sounds EP (w/ Soulzay) (2019)
Thru tha Vibe (w/ Slick Killa) (2020)
There & Back (w/ Slick Killa) (2020)
Another Level (2020)
Body & Soul (as 901Krueger) (2023)
Deep Down South (as 901Krueger) (2023)
Driving Nails in My Hands (as 901Krueger) (2023)
Dwell So Deep (2024)

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