Mr. Creepz

Mr Creepz

Mr. Creepz origins begin in a fairly normal home, he was raised in the suburbs of Los Angeles with a loving mother and father as well as a fairly promising future ahead of himself. Although everything changed after a mob of desperate local junkies broke into their family’s residence on a cold night in 1996… His father was tragically stabbed 8 times while trying to chase the intruders off of the property… he slowly bled to death in front of his newly widowed wife and his now orphaned son. Life immediately took a turn for the worst… Being emotionally and financially broken, their living situation had begun to fall apart in their now unhappy home. The grief and loneliness eventually caught up to his mother…. She grew strange and awkward with her behaviors…. The young Mr. Creepz also started questionably losing his mind and falling apart mentally…. Then the day came where he walked into his mother’s room to see her hanging from the ceiling fan by her neck… Still… Out of options and in poor mental health, he found his way into the sewers where he began dwelling with homeless drifters and managed to live out a majority of his adolescence in the darkness… Until he heard rumors of a crew of monstrous emcees wreaking havoc through-out the city above him, he decided he must return to the streets to demonstrate himself to the populace, as a demon amongst men, and take his place as a soldier of genocide.


Murda Funk (w/ Genocide Entertainment) (2011)
D.E.A.T.H.S.T.A.R. (w/ Genocide Entertainment) (2012)
Corporate Straight Jacket (2012)
Smoke & Mirrors (2013)
Westside War Machine (w/ Genocide Entertainment) (2016)

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