Dirty Grim

Dirty Grim

Dirty Grim is a menace to society and to the underworld of rap. Those who cannot contend with the brutal emcee get shredded and shamed on the spot and left to rot. No one is exactly sure of his origins… the first documentation of his existence anywhere is from the North Rhodes Crematorium… a large scene was caused when a morbidly skinny man crawled out of one of the incinerators…. coughing and wheezing and laughing all the way to exit door. The guards were sent into commotion at the unusual and grotesque sight of the intruder on the premise… but were unable to do much to keep him from escaping…They noted his appearance as “clearly not human”….. Scarred and burned flesh hanging off exposed bone and tendon… Strange glowing eyes that radiate of toxic mutation… and pallid skin tone that resembles a corpse robbed of blood… A few years after his first sightings some rumors gathered that he was assembling a team of artists to begin a project that would bring a new era to underground music. The first rappers nefarious and wicked enough to join the ranks soon found their way to the enterprise.


Forsaken (2010)
The Doctrines” (w/ Malicious Doctrines) (2011)
Darkness (2011)
Murda Funk (w/ Genocide Entertainment) (2011)
D.E.A.T.H.S.T.A.R. (w/ Genocide Entertainment) (2012)
King of Terrors (2012)
The Grave Digger (2014)
Westside War Machine (w/ Genocide Entertainment) (2016)
Demonized (2017)

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