Frank Dracman

Frank Dracman

Little is known about this illusive individual. He has been described by accomplices as a vagabond, a derelict, and master of rhetoric… Our investigation has provided us with little information regarding his birth. We have only recorded statements that his earliest memories consist of him, “rummaging through a native American burial ground, searching for food”, in the deserts located North of Los Angeles. It has been rumored that Frank found his way into the nearest town to begin a life of delinquency and rebellion… Which only lead to more heinous and serious charges such as battery, felony possession, and murder in the 1st and 3rd degree… Town members speculate that he was a victim of demon possession during his youth and is accompanied at all times by a dark presence. Officials dismiss this as a common mental illness such as bipolar disorder, or paranoid schizophrenia… he now resides in Los Angeles, hiding in plain sight. Where he has joined a group of modern day criminals that have already begun brainwashing citizens through sound waves. Frank Dracman has remained wanted by high ranking government offices such as the FBI, DEA, and the ATF for years and has so far eluded them on every occasion… His story has been shrouded by a trail of destruction that typically obliterates all evidence standing against him, leaving him free to infiltrate new cities across the country.


Murda Funk (w/ Genocide Entertainment) (2011)
D.E.A.T.H.S.T.A.R. (w/ Genocide Entertainment) (2012)
Far From Fine (2012)
Near Death Experience (2016)
Westside War Machine (w/ Genocide Entertainment) (2016)
Frank Dracman (2019)

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