Midsouth Monsta

Formerly known as Que Pasza Da Midsouth Monsta, Midsouth Monsta is a horrorcore/gangsta rapper from the crime ridden, Gothic, and impoverished city of Memphis, TN.

Since 2007 at the age of 12, Midsouth has been making music, notably being signed at the age of 14 to Leeway Music Group opening for Jellyroll and Lil Wyte on various occasions, only to be released from the label due to being a minor with no parental consent.

Midsouth would spend years developing his craft, performing and traveling. In High School he met a fellow MC, Mexiveli, and years later in 2019, they formed a duo dubbed ‘Latin FleX.’ This eventually branched into a rap Collective called ‘Midsouth FleX Coalition’ with Memphis rappers IamNutzo, MexiKing (who was freshly released from prison), and Fullersback of Killa Klan Kaze. The group was added to the legendary Memphis collective ‘Gimisum Family’ by Memphis rap legend Kingpin Skinny Pimp.

Midsouth would later relocate to Arkansas where he would sign with Amasa Entertainment only to leave the label months later due to issues with the owner. He would eventually sign to GreyTown Records.

Midsouth Monsta has a sound that combines the traditional Memphis Horrorcore sound, Trap Metal, and contemporary southern drill rap music. Some would say almost like a mix influenced by Three Six Mafia, Tech N9ne, South Park Mexican, Insane Clown Posse, and Pimp C.


Mossberg 901 Mixtape (2008)
The Devils Reject EP (2010)
Hip Glock Muzik EP (2011)
Third World mixtape (2013)
Southern Sadist EP (2015)
Indigena EP (2017)
Frite Nite Vol.1 (w/ Latin FleX) (2019)
FleX Files (w/ Latin FleX) (2020)
Frite Nite Vol. 2 (w/ Latin FleX) (2020)
Memphis Miklo LP (2020)
Raw As Fuk EP (w/ IamNutzo) (2021)
Home Alone (w/ Latin FleX) (2021)
Flexecution (w/ Latin FleX) (2021)
Unapologetically Horrorcore EP (2021)
Frite Nite Vol. 3 (w/ Latin FleX) (2022)
How To Train Ya Zombie Mixtape (2022)
A Fucked Up Christmas EP (2022)
Cracking Tha Vault Mixtape (2023)
If I Went Mainstream EP (2023)
Graffiti In The South EP (w/ ArtiQlit) (TBA 2023)
GreyTown Assassin Mixtape (TBA 2023)
Interview With A Monsta LP (TBA)

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