Roman The Wisco Kid (RWK)


RWK in the Flesh

Roman The Wisco Kid
2nd Generation CultShit!!!
Kenosha,Wisconsin The County Styx
This is a complex lyricist who’s basis is to make you think.
Using metaphors and syllabus to his advantage most of his lyrics are arguments with his split personalities. He has lucid dreams
that help him talk to spirits
Madness you say???
He is definitely a GraveWalker…

Over 170 live shows under his belt
Opening up for artists like Lil Wyte Ces Cru Blaze Ya Dead Homie ABK Super Famous Fun Time Guys Scum
Insane Poetry Shaggy 2 Dope & Big Hoodoo
Been apart of 6 Bury Tha Livings
Played the Gathering 4 times
Trauma 2 Sicks Hype Man
2020 most slept on artist of Midwest
Cover of Art of Music Wisconsin Milwaukee Edition Magazine
1/3 of group Kenosha County Guerillas (KCG) (CultShit)
RipGeno RipWickedBlue RipBeast
RipKaosKreature RipScarfaceScrappy
RipSierraSwords RipTheThreeJoeys

Live by the words of Garrett

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