Infamiz is a rapper/vocalist from Sunnyland, IL. His career began in 2003 as one half of Juggalo rap duo Carnival Disciples. Over the years, Infamiz has been signed to multiple labels, including Vicinity Records, Summer City Productions, 8up Entertainment, and currently is an artist on Vile House Records as a member of rap group Sons of Solomon and Godsize Records as a frontman of rap-metal band 745.

Infamiz has worked with lots of notable horrorcore artists over the course of his career, including CES cru, Worm, Columbine Collin, Grewsum, Geno Cultshit, Twiztid, Yung Mung, Blaze ya Dead Homie, Gorilla Voltage, Esham, ABK, and many more. He has competed on the west coast, in the midwest, and at the Gathering of the Juggalos.

While typically leaning towards a rapid-fire delivery and complex lyricism, Infamiz doesn’t restrict himself to any one genre or style. He instead prefers to go wherever his pen takes him with no restraint. Sometimes that comes out as a song about smoking weed and being dope, other times it can get…dark.

Infamiz was also the founder of 8up Entertainment, an entertainment business with a roster of artists including Infamiz, Yung Mung, CB, Arkham Secrets, Architeq, MJ Rose & Double X Dex, Ann Grey, Just Chris, Kikz da RnBeast, Die$il(RIP), Big Baby(RIP), Trese7en, J-Don, Garbage Pale Kids, and Moleboy. 8up Entertainment also put on lots of underground shows in Peoria, East Peoria, and Sunnyland, IL as well as St. Louis, MO. They hosted Str8up FM and Basement Radio through Underground Surround Sound.

8up has been disbanded since 2019, but Infamiz still owns the imprint and uses it from time to time on releases.

Infamiz is in group Sons of Solomon on Vile House Records. The group consists of Worm, Yung Mung, Columbine Collin, KILLNINO, Grim Jonez, CB, Infamiz(Tenshi Akuma), and Undead Ronin. Infamiz is also in rap-metal group 745, with fellow rappers 2Fresh and Arlie Polston, Trent Mercer on guitar, Nic Bell on bass, and CJ Parker on drums. 745 was originally signed with B-Real of Cypress Hill.

Infamiz was born with a disease causing deafness, loss of vision, and kidney failure. He recently got hearing aids, but has been almost deaf mist of his career. He is currently on dialysis in Stage 5 kidney failure waiting for a new kidney


4 Song Demo (w/ Carnival Disciples) (2007)
Bobe Collection Vol. 1-2 (w/ Carnival Disciples) (2009)
Rhythm and Poetry (2012)
Schoolyard Bullshit Vol. 1 (2013)
The Demon King EP (2014)
The Demon King Royal Edition (2016)
8up Sampler (2018)
Droshis Rhyme Chamber Session 1 (Master Droshi) (2021)

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