MC Basstard

MC Basstard

MC Basstard, also Battle Basstard, Basstard, MC Basstard One or The Little Man, (born May 22, 1982 in Tehran; real name Nima Najafi-Hashemi) is an Iranian rapper and Berlin Crime and Bass Crew member based in West-Berlin.

Due to his mystical style, which is often oriented towards occult and horror themes, he is considered a co-founder of the German horrorcore rap genre. He is also (from 2017 to 2019 and again since 2022) part of the horrorcore group (self-interpretation: “Schattenbass”) Zombiez, which consists of Zombie Red/GKO, Zombie Whytte/Tamas, Zombie Black/MXP, Zombie GR€Y/KVSV and MC Basstard as Purple Z.


Rap Dämon (2000)
Obscuritas Eterna (2002)
Fegefeuer – Das Projekt (2003)
Rap Dämon (Re-Release) (2004)
Dogma – Gegen Die Zeit (w/ Taktloss) (2005)
Des Kleinen Mannes Grössten Hits (2006)
Horrorkore Mixtape Teil 1 (w/ Massiv) (2006)
Das Omen (w/ Kaisa) (2007))
Verdammt (w/ DJ Korx) (2007)
Zwiespalt (Grau) (2008)
Horrorkore – Zeitzeugen (w/ DJ Korx) (2008)
Monster Monster (2009)
Zwiespalt (Schwarz) (2009)
Quint Essenz 1 (Basstard’s Gastparts) (2009)
Jeannie (2011)
Zwiespalt (Weiss) (2011)
Zwiespalt Trilogie (2012)
Meister Der Zeremonie (2015)
Gott Ist Tot (w/ Zombiez) (2018)
Ghulphonk (w/ Zombiez) (2019)
Schande (w/ Zombiez) (2019)
Rotten Goat (w/ Zombiez) (2019)
Katharziz (w/ Zombiez) (2023)

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