Terror Reid

Terror Reid

Terror Reid, born Tanner Petulla, is an American DJ, producer, rapper and actor from San Jose, California. Also known as Getter, Terror Reid is Petulla’s hip hop alter-ego.


Extermination (as Getter) (2011)
Gruesome (as Getter) (2011)
Epidemic (as Getter) (2012)
Psycho (as Getter) (2012)
Swine (as Getter) (2012)
Thriller (as Getter) (2012)
Gnar (as Getter) (2013)
Smasher (as Getter) (2013)
I Want More (as Getter) (2013)
Inner Workings (as Getter) (2014)
Radical Dude! (as Getter) (2016)
Wat the Frick (2016)
Dahila I (as Getter, w/ Ghostemane) (2018)
Visceral (as Getter) (2018)
Napalm (as Getter) (2020)
Hot Vodka 1 (2020)
Dynamo (2022)
Chrome Casketz (2023)
Hot Vodka 2 (2023)

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