Zombiez is a Horrorcore rap from Germany, founded in 2017.

From Germany’s darkest side, Zombiez bring their own brand of trap music. Some of the originators of Horrorcore music in Berlin get together with some of the most talented newcomers in Germany to create a supergroup of rap music, over the creepiest instrumentals you’ve ever heard.

Watch out! The undead are coming for you!

Group Members

Purple Z (MC Basstard)
Zombie BlΔck (MaXXi.P)
Zombie Gr€¥ (KVSV)
Zombie Red (G-Ko)
Zombie Whytte (Tamas)


Gott Ist Tot ‎(2018)
Runen #1 (2018)
Ghulphonk (2019)
Schande (2019)
Rotten Goat (2019)
X-Humare EP (2020)
Runen II (2021)
Zatan Lebt! (2021)
Katharziz (2023)

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