Madness the SkinWalka, aka Curt D., has been rapping, DJing, beatboxing, and battle rapping since 1994.  He was an integral in the early stages of KGP’s career and was also a founding member of the influential horrorcore group, Bedlam.

He has also released a group album with his crew, H.ell O. E.arth, and has released one official solo album entitled “Exhumed.”


Dead Rats (w/ KGP) (1996)
Necrology (w/ KGP) (1997)
Chemical Imbalancez Vol. 1 (w/ Bedlam) (1999)
Unplugged (w/ Bedlam) (2000)
Chemical Imbalancez Vol. 2 (w/ Bedlam) (2001)
Chemical Anthology (w/ Bedlam) (2002)
Newport KY Edition (w/ Bedlam) (2002)
Shock Treatment (w/ Bedlam) (2002)
The Wickedstock Detroit Show (w/ Bedlam) (2003)
Bedlamitez Rize (w/ Bedlam) (2004)
Open Corpse (2008)
Madness Presents… Eden (w/ H.O.E.) (2010)
Exhumed (2012)
9 (w/ Bedlam) (2015)

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