KGP is one of the most recognized artists in the genre of Horrorcore/Wicked Rap.

“Tha Ungod” is considered a classic release by almost everyone supporting the underground wicked shit.

KGP has performed with the Insane Clown Posse, Mastamind, House of Krazees, Eminem, Geto Boys, and many more!


Foevawikked (w/ UNLV) (1994)
Dead Rats (1996)
Necrology (1997)
Acidikrevelationz (1999)
HelluSINation (2001)
Tha Ungod (2002)
Necrology (Revamped) (2005)
A Funeral for God (w/ Red Dawn) (2006)
An Abortion for the Baby Jesus (w/ Red Dawn) (2006)
Hatred Volume 1 (2009)
A Funeral for God Remixes (w/ Red Dawn) (2009)
United Corpse of America (2012)
Foevawikked (20 Years) (w/ UNLV) (2014)
Decapitated Faces (w/ Alias Grim) (2014)
Forced Evil (2015)
Loyalty (2015)

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