KGP is one of the most recognized artists in the genre of Horrorcore/Wicked Rap. Tha Ungod is considered a classick release by almost everyone supporting the underground wicked Shit. KGP has been seen performing with the Insane Clown Posse, MastaMind, House of Krazees, Eminem, Geto Boys, and many more!


Foevawikked (w/ UNLV) (1994)
Dead Rats (1996)
Necrology (1997)
Acidikrevelationz (1999)
HelluSINation (2001)
Tha Ungod (2002)
Necrology (Revamped) (2005)
A Funeral for God (w/ Red Dawn) (2006)
An Abortion for the Baby Jesus (w/ Red Dawn) (2006)
Hatred Volume 1 (2009)
A Funeral for God Remixes (w/ Red Dawn) (2009)
United Corpse of America (2012)
Foevawikked (20 Years) (w/ UNLV) (2014)
Decapitated Faces (w/ Alias Grim) (2014)
Forced Evil (2015)
Loyalty (2015)



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