Lex the Hex Master

Lex the Hex Master

Lex “The Hex” Master is an American rapper from Queens, New York. He signed to Twiztid’s Majik Ninja Entertainment in mid 2015.

In 2024, Lex departed MNE and in April, he joined the Lyrikal Snuff Productions roster.


Born in Hell (as Lex Masters) (2015)
The Black Season (2016)
Contact (2016)
Lex the Hex Master and the Unholy Trinity (w/ The Unholy Trinity) (2016)
Mr. Ugly (2016)
Mr. Ugly Part 2 (2017)
Beyond Redemption (2017)
Shadow King Mixtape (2018)
Strictly for My Ninjas (2019)
The Rydas (w/ The Rydas) (2020)
Episode 1: Party Castle (2020)
Episode 2: Haunted Mansion (2020)
Episode 3: Palace of Illusions (2021)
Episode 4: Cathedral of Chaos (2023)
Fire & Lead (w/ Jake Palumbo) (2024)

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