Defekt is an emcee from Detroit, MI. He earned his stage name from a birth defect in his throat that left him with an unusually raspy, unique voice, perfectly fitting for the Wicked Shit!

He currently runs a radio show called Wicked 101.


Birth Defektz (Promo Version) (2001)
Birth Defektz (2002)
The Sacrificed (2002)
Broken Mirrorz (2004)
Tales From the Crypt EP (2006)
Mind Dissection (2012)
Covenant of Blood (w/ Natural Born Killers) (2020)
Return of the Master Killers (w/ Natural Born Killers) (2021)
There’s a Very, Very Thin Line Between Genius and Insanity (w/ The Definition of In.san.i.ty) (2022)

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