Dirty is an emcee from Oklahoma. He is currently releasing music under Casket 13 Records.

“I started this over 15 years ago, I was 13 years old, it first began with poetry. Its always been about expression for me. Its a vent to let out the emotions, A door for me to open and let my inner turmoil, thoughts and aggressions out. My mental therapy keeping me sane while I deal with the everyday struggle we call life. Everything I ever have gotten in life, I had to fight for. I would def say since I started this journey I been engulfed and overwhelmed on the bottom crawling toward this Goal. I Tried to stay focused on my dream while in the trenches battling my demons and everyone else’s, My loved ones dying, the ones I love around me betraying me the whole way, putting everything I have into something and watching it fall apart and burn because people lack the honor and loyalty I give. How can a pure soul not become Dirty in this world? I don’t understand it yet, but I have faith and its got me this far. I cant count the times I lost it all (Financially, Spiritually, Mentally) and had to rebuild from nothing . Its stained my soul and my flesh Ill never be the same so I accept the dirt and the struggle, and embraced it having faith I can use this to help others overcome the battle and myself, because its all I know….. This new album reflects that in every aspect from the artwork to the content on every song. This is what it sounds like ‘When Sinners Pray'”

– Dirty


When Sinners Pray (2018)

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