Kritical Distrezz

Kritical Distrezz

Kritical Distrezz is an underground horrorcore artist currently signed to Gut Grind Records, an independent record label that was launched in 2014.

He is notably known for his dark subject matter and his violent lyrical content.


Of Unknown Origin (2014)
Suicidal Tendencies (2014)
Grand Asylum (2015)
Death Before Dishonor (2015)
City Under Siege (2016)
Unscripted EP (2016)
Lunatic Greatest Hits (2016)
Murderous Affiliations (2017)
Twisted Mental (2018)
Of Unknown Origin 2 (2018)
Tyrant Of The Bloody Pines (2018)
Distorted Illusions (2019)
Murder 4 Hire (2019)
Twisted Mental (Digitally Remastered) (2020)
Evil Meets Evil (w/ Kaotic Klique) (2020)

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