Kieztape (w/ Goodfellas) (2007)
Blut auf den Stra​ß​en (w/ GFM) (2010)
Hassgefühl (Mixtape) (2010)
Rebellion der Großstadt (2012)
Way Of The Gun (w/ Sutter Kain) (2015)
Reckless (2016)
Murder Mayhem Misanthropy (w/ Upon Oath) (2018)
Der H​ö​lle Entgegen (2018)
Der H​ö​lle Entgegen II (2020)
Street Cleaner ‎(w/ Headsplitta) (2020)
Pit Bull Mentality (2021)
Leiden (2022)
Unreleased Songs 2007-2022 (2022)
Street Beef (2022)

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