Koopsta Knicca

Koopsta Knicca

Robert Cooper Phillips (April 27, 1975 – October 9, 2015), better known by his stage name Koopsta Knicca, was an American rapper. He was best known as one of the members of the Memphis rap group Three 6 Mafia, as well as a member of the rap collective Da Mafia 6ix alongside DJ Paul, Crunchy Black and Gangsta Boo.

Phillips released a solo album produced by DJ Paul, Da Devil’s Playground in 1994. The album was later mostly re-recorded as well as remastered in 1999 featuring some new songs and losing a couple as well. Unable to make shows & videos due to legal issues, he left Three 6 Mafia in 2000. He continued his solo work with albums Da K Project, De Inevitable, and The Mind of Robert Cooper. Beginning in 2012, Phillips started work on his latest studio album entitled “Da Devil’s Playground 2” and also a mixtape entitled “Skrewged”. He had also released A Murda ‘N Room 8 EP (2010) & Decepticons “Return Of The Gods” (2012). Phillips frequently collaborated with former Three 6 Mafia associate Lord Infamous and appeared on a collaborative album under the group name Da Mafia 6ix.


Smoked Out, Loced Out (w/ Three 6 Mafia) (1994)
Da Devil’s Playground: Underground Tape (1994)
Mystic Stylez (w/ Three 6 Mafia) (1995)
Live By Yo Rep (w/ Three 6 Mafia) (1995)
Chapter 1: The End (w/ Three 6 Mafia) (1996)
Chapter 2: World Domination (w/ Three 6 Mafia) (1997)
Body Parts (w/ Prophet Posse) (1998)
Da Devil’s Playground: Underground Solo (1999)
Underground Vol. 1 (w/ Three 6 Mafia) (1999)
Underground Vol. 2 (w/ Three 6 Mafia) (1999)
When the Smoke Clears: Sixty 6, Sixty 1 (w/ Three 6 Mafia) (2000)
Underground Vol. 3 (w/ Three 6 Mafia) (2000)
Three 6 Mafia Presents: Hypnotize Camp Posse (w/ Hypnotize Camp Posse) (2000)
Da K Project (2002)
Undaground Muzic, Vol. 1 (2003)
De Inevitable (2004)
The Mind Of Robert Cooper (2005)
Most Known Hits (w/ Three 6 Mafia) (2005)
Smoked Out Music Greatest Hits (w/ Three 6 Mafia) (2006)
Prophet’s Greatest Hits (w/ Three 6 Mafia) (2007)
The Return: Part 1 (w/ Prophet Posse) (2007)
The Return: Part 2 – Belly of the Beast (w/ Prophet Posse) (2007)
A Murda ‘N Room 8 (2010)
Decepticon: The Return Of The Gods (2012)
Aliens vs Humans (2013)
Skrewged (2013)
6ix Commandments (w/ Da Mafia 6ix) (2013)
Hear Sum Evil: The Mixtape (w/ Da Mafia 6ix) (2014)
Reindeer Games (w/ The Killjoy Club) (2014)
Watch What U Wish (w/ Da Mafia 6ix) (2015)

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