KidCrusher is a musician and producer from Adelaide, South Australia who has released 12 studio albums since 2005 and featured upon TV’s Law & Order, Fangoria Magazine and Tunnel Runners; Masters of the Wicked Shit. He has toured extensively around Australia with several artists such as; Insane Clown Posse, Tech N9ne, Hed Pe, Mushroomhead, Hopsin, Xzibit, The Berzerker, Blaze Ya Dead Homie, Boondox, Dirt Nasty as well as opening for the Grand Theft Auto V EB Games release party in South Australia.

He is unsigned and independent, releasing music through an online stores like Victim Gear and iTunes, selling thousands of copies a year without the help of a major label. KidCrusher also acts as the lead singer and producer for Adelaide Metal Bands; Rectal Birth & KcaveMen.


Tormented Mutation (2006)
Light to Dark and Life to Death (2006)
Stoned as a Mother Fucker (w/ Stash) (2007)
Cannibal Clown (2007)
Meet the Monstors (2008)
Metal Murder Mixtape (2008)
Black Circle Magic (2009)
Gondwanaland (w/ KcaveMen) (2010)
The Grinch (2010)
Metal Murder Mixtape Vol. 2 (2010)
Teddy vs. KC (w/ Teddy) (2011)
Suicidal Singles (2012)
The Nothing (w/ Rectal Birth) (2012)
The Christmas Nightmare (2013)
Metal Murder 3D (2014)
MM3D2 (2014)
Distorted Dimension (2018)
Evolution (w/ KcaveMen) (2021)
Metal Murder 4K (2023)

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