Jonathon Hellhouse

Jonathan Hellhouse

Welcome to the haunting realm of Jonathon Hellhouse, the enigmatic solo musician hailing from the ominous depths of Conroe, TX. Draped in a mystifying half black, half white devil mask, Jonathon weaves a mesmerizing tapestry of dark trap metal, where chilling melodies meld with bone-rattling basslines. Inspired by visionary artists like Ghostmane, Poppy, Kim Dracula, and the very essence of horror itself, Jonathon invites you to embrace your inner demons and confront the shadows that lurk beneath the surface.

Prepare to be ensnared by Jonathon Hellhouse’s captivating presence as he transcends the boundaries of music, embodying the darkness that resides within us all. With a torrential storm of creativity and sonic malevolence, he unleashes a hypnotic blend that beckons you to join the congregation of the lost, the disenchanted, and the forsaken.

Step into the macabre symphony of Jonathon Hellhouse and embrace the darkness, for within it lies the transformative power of self-discovery and artistic expression.


Hella? (w/ Oh! the Horror) (2016)
The Devil Made Me Do It (w/ Oh! the Horror) (2019)
Halloween 365 (w/ Oh! the Horror) (2020)
1692 (w/ Oh! the Horror) (2021)
Oh! The Horror Meets Blaze (w/ Oh! the Horror and Blaze Ya Dead Homie) (2021)
Bag of Treats (w/ Oh! the Horror) (2022)
The Super Devil Made Me Do It (w/ Oh! the Horror) (2023)

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