Oh! The Horror

Oh! The Horror

From the vast reaches of Sacramento, Oh! The Horror is a experimental horrorcore band with a penchant for drama, electronics, and theatrics.

Oh! The Horror calls from their favorite media, horror films, and video games for inspiration to craft and delivers a super fun hybrid of horror, darkness, heavy metal, and happy-go-lucky theatrics. Get ready for synth leads, melodic heavy metalcore, complete with growls, terrifying screams, and soaring electronic vocals!

Group Members

Jonathon Hellhouse (Vocals)
Jeremy Terror (Guitar/Vocals)
Grady Finch (Lead Guitar/Vocals)


Hella? (2016)
The Devil Made Me Do It (2019)
Halloween 365 (2020)
1692 (2021)
Oh! The Horror Meets Blaze (w/ Blaze Ya Dead Homie) (2021)
Bag of Treats (2022)
The Super Devil Made Me Do It (2023)

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