Owner of Amasa Entertainment along with Jinxxx Tha Preacher.

Born and raised in the ghettos of Lompoc California and originally going by the name Hatchet Boy Tha MentalCase back in 2010, would make horrorcore freestyles and post them online but selling drugs and growing weed took up most of his time but There was some traction and some shows, but a pregant fiance changed all that in 2014. Working any job he could he did what he could to provide for his lady and 2 kids.

After growing up to become a better man and rebranding himself and being called 2Bootz in 2015 by a fellow friend while working in alaska at the canning plant gutting raw salmon because he always wore cowboy boots because they lasted for work then other boots, he started posting freestyles on facebook and IG in 2018 when he began a new career truck driving. Thus started the long road for 2Bootz.

He released Nobody’s buisness in 2020 and the Ima Clown Album which became a small favorite of some folks at the Juggalo Gathering 2021. He performed at the Renegade stage and met Coon, Trauma 2$ick, Cody Manson, DJ Ham and many others there. 2Bootz became good friends with Coon who brought him into the Crust Cast Creations company and family. When Mikahl Lawless joined Crust Cast 2Bootz and him became good friends instantly that turned into a brotherhood and Mikahl Lawless created Crust gang with coon and 2Bootz. After the passing of Coon CCC fell apart, but the brotherhood between both Lawless and 2Bootz still remained are are still close to this day like brothers should be.

2Bootz usually writes most of his songs and freestyles some of them but before HallOwens Vol2 every song was a freestyle. Alot of his songs are his anger and views and fantasies of mutilating those who bullied him as a child, the sexual and physical abuse he endured as a child, and people who cause him grief today and hate on him for always keeping it 100 real whether it hurt someones feelings or not. Alot of his music stems from his bi polar, ADHD, OCD, and paranoid Schizophrenia and AED, as well as stress from work and family life.

Putting on Shows like Graveyard smash and HallOwens Show, performing at Coon’s Crust Cast Banger and Coon’s Funeral Show and a charity show in Tulsa Oklahoma and one in November of 2023 this year, 2Bootz is steadily gaining a stage presence.

Today 2Bootz runs and operates Amasa Entertainment LLC with fellow brother/homie/labelmate/rapper Jinxxx Tha Preacher and has FrankenStax as the newest artist at AE.


Nobodys Business EP (2020)
FatMans Freestyles EP (2020)
Ima Clown (2021)
Dirty South EP (2021)
HallOwens Vol 1 (2021)
HallOwens Vol 2 (2022)
Trip Down South EP (2023)
HallOwens Vol 3 (2023)
HallOwens 23 (2023)
HollyWood BloodBath (2024)
Lompoc California (2024)
America (2024)
I’ma Clown 2 (2024)
HallOwens Vol 4 (2024)
The Storm EP
The BootzStyle King
Murder The World

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