Intrinzik, born Scott Glass (Will), is an American rap artist from Phoenix, Arizona. He spent several years fronting the rap/metal trio known as Fallguy before starting his solo career. Through touring with Psychopathic Record’s Twiztid and doing shows with Strange Music’s Tech N9ne and other underground rap artists in the southwest region, Fallguy and Intrinzik built a loyal following of juggalos as well as underground rap and metal followers. Intrinzik started Intrinz INK Records in 2002 to release Fallguy’s debut album, “Trapped Inside.”

Intrinzik started his music career behind the drum kit and as primary songwriter for punk/metal bands such as Washington DC based Unabomer and Phoenix based Dickie Staboner.

Intrinzik and long time collaborator Joe Dank then started the band Fallguy in 2001. Starting out as a 5 piece hardcore rap group, the band was forced to run all of its rhythm tracks on DAT as they were offered the opening slot on Twiztid’s “Mirror Mirror” tour with limited resources. The handful of dates the band performed on quickly gained them a cult following as fans began showing up wearing ski masks, Intrinzik’s trademarked disguise. The now 3 piece band went on to penetrate the underground rap market with the release of their 2003 self titled EP which contained the memorable anthem “Getchyoskimaskon.”

Fallguy continued to do shows in the southwest including the South By Southwest festival in both 2002 and 2003 opening up showcases featuring Mushroomhead, Anybody Killa, and Zug Izland. The band disassembled in 2004 shortly after the release of their biggest release to date entitled “Apocalypse 6T7″ that gained the band a distribution in Japan via The number 67 was used by fans to call out the letters F and G. Lead guitarist Driver Williams went on to join country music star Eric Church’s band and rhythm player Joe Dank moved to Chicago, IL to work in marketing for a Randall Amplifiers.

Intrinzik continued his solo career performing live with Bionic Jive front man Emerg McVay and quickly released Emerg’s “Slave Music: Post 911 Lyricism” on Intrinz INK as well as his own solo debut “Double U I Double L in 2004.” Intrinzik, Emerg, Ako Mack (Bionic Jive), McNastee, Menacide, Jason Porter and Slim then teamed up for a horrorcore super group Seperated at Birth and released “Nothing Like You” in both US and Japan in 2005 on Intrinz INK/RB-Records.

INT then started touring as a solo artist with Arizona based Phunk Junkeez and collaborating with Cappadonna of WU Tang Clan, Phunk Junkeez, McNastee and more to create his 2005 sophomore solo release “Tricks of the Trade.” TOTT was released both in USA and Japan and solidified Intrinzik as a solo artist.

Intrinzik then released McNastee’s underground classic “Pieces of a Broken” man in 2006 on Intrinz INK as the two would continue to perform in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Utah, Colorado, and Arizona markets.

Later in 2006, Intrinzik then released a 5 year retrospective CD/DVD entitled “My Favorite Album.” This release marked Intrinzik’s first fully licensed release in Japan. The album contains some of Proof of D12s final video footage and recorded material on the songs “Dead or Alive” and “My Favorite Song.” The CD also contained features from Big B (Suburban Noize), Phunk Junkeez, Cappadonna, Dirtball (Suburban Noize) and more.

Intrinzik then teamed up with Arizona based emcee Virus and released the maxi single for “Area Code” in 2007. The duo would go on to support the “Bad Mental Health” United States tour that summer with Axe Murder Boyz and Grave Plott. Intrinzik and Virus would then go on to dominate the Arizona underground by opening consistently for Tech N9ne, Andre Nickatina, Insane Clown Posse, Twiztid and most of the underground shows in the Phoenix and Tucson markets.

In 2008 Intrinzik’s song “the Calvary” was featured on Hatchet House’s 13 track compliation “Tunnel Runners” which debuted on the Billboard Rap Charts at #21 in the summer of 2008. 2008 also birthed Intrinzik’s uber successful CD compilation series, “Underground Hustlin.”

Intrinzik then relived the Fallguy era by released “Fallguy: Resurreciton” in 2008. The album recreated the Fallguy sound using producer/engineer Larry Elyea to perform the majority of the live instrumentation. The CD features collaborations with Axe Murder Boyz, Jason Cruz of Strung Out, Proof of D12, Big B and many of Intrinzik’s label mates.


Trapped Inside (w/ Fallguy) (2002)
Fallguy EP (w/ Fallguy) (2003)
Apocalypse 6T7 (w/ Fallguy) (2004)
Double U I Double L (2004)
Tricks Of The Trade (2005)
Nothing Like You (w/ Separated at Birth) (2006)
Lifestyles of the Rich and Homeless (w/ Jason Porter) (2007)
Area Code (w/ Virus) (2007)
Fallguy: The Resurrection (w/ Fallguy) (2008)
Fallguy: Vault (w/ Fallguy) (2010)
Lifestyles Of The Rich And Homeless (2010)
Nuthin’ But Hustle Vol. 1 (2010)
Nuthin’ But Hustle Vol. 2 (2012)
Real Time (2014)
Lasers And Poison (2021)
Proantagonist (2023)

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