Team CYM

Team CYM

Once upon a time a suicide hotline service told a man to “Call Your Mom”

Then a meme page regarding this phrase was born by two members of Juggalo Memes Broke and Fallen Halo.

Soon enough, a team evolved from the joke to create fun content for people to enjoy just like the jokes made from the memes.

With Burt Blaze doing the production and the rest adding their voices to the design, it has become a powerhouse that jokes with legacies and reminding people… To CALL YOUR MOM!

Group Members

Burt Blaze
Fallen Halo
Mike Z


Pumpkin Spice (2019)
This is Why We’re Phat (2019)
Dysfunctional Christmastime (2019)
Gangster’s Paradise (2020)
Back That Azz Up (2020)
The Sauce ft Nastie Ink (2020)
When Juffs Cry ft Grave-Bait (2020)

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