i-EL began his music journey in the public eye as Ilyas, of Tanya Morgan. In 2009, they received a Grammy nod for “Album of the Year,” and were also included in XXL Magazine’s Freshman class. Moreover, Tanya Morgan has won the MySpace/XM Radio “Show Us what You Got” contest, with over 6000 acts entered.

Now i-EL begins his journey as a soloist to introduce Ohio’s sound to the world at large


Sunset EP (w/ Tanya Morgan) (2005)
Moonlighting (w/ Tanya Morgan) (2006)
Sunlighting (w/ Tanya Morgan) (2007)
The Bridge EP (w/ Tanya Morgan) (2008)
The Prelude (2009)
Tanya Morgan Is a Rap Group (w/ Tanya Morgan) (2008)
Brooklynati (w/ Tanya Morgan) (2009)
The Book of Elijah (2011)
Tanya’s Monster: Ilyas Vs. iEL (2015)
Transformation Part 1: Ego (2015)
Ahead of Schedule (w/ Tanya Morgan) (2016)

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