Rozz Dyliams

Rozz Dyliams

Rozz Dyliams (formerly Dylan Ross) is a American rapper and producer from Cleveland, Ohio. He is a former member of Team SESH.

He is recognized for his eclectic style called “Handzum” ranging from hip-hop, r&b, funk, horrorcore, house, jungle, and even 80s pop.


Dylan Ross vs. Flying Lotus (as Dylan Ross) (2010)
White Out (as William White) (2010)
Mint (as Dylan Ross) (2011)
Lincoln (as Dylan Ross) (2011)
DRIPPED OUT JESUS (as Dylan Ross) (2012)
Ana With The World (as Dylan Ross) (2012)
Coming From America (as Dylan Ross) (2012)
Mint II – Craft Hour (as Dylan Ross) (2012)
Pizza Click (as Dylan Ross) (2012)
Not Enough Waterfalls (as Dylan Ross) (2013)
The Castle Of Depression (as Dylan Ross) (2013)
Drip Day Afternoon (as Dylan Ross) (2013)
Screaming (as Dylan Ross) (2013)
The Relic (as Dylan Ross) (2014)
Breath Of God (as Dylan Ross) (2014)
A Killer With A Crooked Jaw (as Dylan Ross) (2014)
House Of Drip (as Dylan Ross) (2014)
The Judas Cradle (2015)
Rozz Dyliams (2015)
Hatch (2015)
Galeforce Beach (2015)
Sapio Stare (2015)
Light Shows Darkness (w/ Purpdogg) (2015)
SongsThatRemindYouOfHome (w/ Bones) (2015)
Vulvatic (2016)
Jeck (2016)
Scunner (2016)
Henwell & Brokaw (2016)
Instant Rush (w/ Bexey) (2016)
All Night Long (2016)
Dylvia Roska (2017)
Derelicts, Marauders, Savages (w/ Purpdogg) (2017)
Faith, Hope, Charity (2017)
Pacifictrax Vol. 1 (2018)
Epiphania (2018)
Creatures of Agony (w/ Trippjones) (2019)
Heksensang (2019)
Light Shows Darkness 2 (w/ Purpdogg) (2020)
Tardive Dyskinesia (2020)
The Sound of Salt (as Disciple Zachariah) (2023)

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