Strife Abaddon

Strife Abaddon

Strife Abaddon is a Los Angeles born rapper, who released several solo and group albums as the Co-Founder of “Hood Klan”. He got his start in Devil Shyt back in 2010 being featured on the album “No Sympathy”, by DJ Fire’s group, “Crime Mafia Clique”. He has grown to also work with premiere artists such as Evil Pimp, Hardcore Montana, Kritical Distrezz, Twisted Insane, Razakel, Lord Infamous, Lil’ Infamous, and Crucified. His albums were released under The Thoro Org. (Now Defunct), but are now released under the label “Ghost Tower”.

Strife has worked in the background when not releasing albums, providing samples, artwork, and beats (under the name “DJ Tendonesia”) for people within the genres of Devil Shyt and Horrorcore, completing such projects as “Demons Surround Me” & “My Music Demon-Stration” with Young EP, “My Revenge EP” with Sleepy, “Diary of a Lost Soul II” with Phrozt, and Self-titled album for Arizona-based powerhouse female artist, Ill V.

Several of his family members had recording deals from 1991-1997, exposing him to music at a very young age.
He was present during the recording sessions of Snoop Dogg’s “Doggstyle”, @ Alpha Studios w/ Nanci Fletcher on July 23, 1993, and meeting Dr.Dre at his home (w/ The D.O.C) the following day.

He is also the cousin of NBA Houston Rockets player, Tari Eason.

From 2012-2018, Strife ran Thoro Radio, a podcast/radio show on youtube, interviewing people such as Playa Rob, Nanci Fletcher (of Deathrow Records fame), Evil Pimp, Lil Jack, and several battle rappers such as Nunn Nunn and Cadalack Ron (RIP). he has since returned to podcasting in 2022 with a new show “Ghost Tower Radio”, and continues to run his website as of today, still releasing albums.


Cover Fire (2009)
Cover Fire II (w/ Young EP) (2010)
Codex Gigas (2011)
Cover Fire III (2012)
The Muse (2013)
Cover Fire Stories (2013)
Cover Fire IV (2014)
Fate:Remastered (2014)
VMU EP.1 (2015)
VMU EP.2 (2015)
Future Shock (2016)
Thoro Gods (2016)
Thoro World Order (2017)
VMU EP.3 (2017)
Thoro 4 Life (2019)
Black Hillz CLique (2019)
ABDN (2020)
Kritical Strife (w/ Kritical Distrezz) (2022)
Cover Fire V (2022)
Fortune (w/ Hardcore Montana) (2023)

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