Grindhouse Monstaz

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Originally started in 2011, The Grindhouse Monstaz started as a duo consisting of Tha Morbid One and Tha RingLeader. This variation of the group released one EP entitled “Welcome to the Grindhouse” before Tha Morbid One and Tha RingLeader separated ways. In 2012, while on Butchered Beat Productions, the group reformed in 2012 with Tha Morbid One, Cinikill, and KreeeP. Due to issues within the group, this variation was dissolved, however material was recorded. Finally, in 2013, the group reformed with members of Grindhouse Musick Inc. and an album was planned entitled “Make Them Die Slowly” that was planned for a 2013/2014 release. However, due to a conflict with another group, the label dissolving, and members going seperate ways, the group was retired.

Group Members

Tha Morbid One
Tha RingLeader


Welcome to the Grindhouse (2012)

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