Shy One

Shy One

Shy One, now known as xshy361x, is an emcee, DJ, and producer active in the underground scene since the mid 90s. He was involved in multiple group projects with fellow artists, Claas and Dosia Demon, as well as others, but is mostly known for releasing solo projects with a unique sound that was ahead of its time.

Shy One retired from rapping shortly after his album release in 2010. He was still actively producing music for years before making his official return with the 2020 release of “The Door.”


Toxicated Boiled Eggz (1999)
Power in My Hands (2000)
Land of Doubt (w/ Silent Corpse) (2001)
Emotionz Detached (2002)
Unorthodox (2002)
Where I Stand… I Will Fall (2004)
GOTJ05 Sampler (w/ Breach of Peace) (2005)
The Semetary EP (2005)
The Semetary & Underground Hits Vol. 1 (2009)
6 Years (2010)
The Best of Shy One (Slowed N Chopped) (2011)
The Door (as xshy361x) (2020)



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