Gloom Rap

Gloom Rap

Gloom Rap is a producer and emcee representing the 315, Central New York.

He has been and is affiliated with Flesruoy Llik/Cult Status/SCWS, Animus, and Scumbag Worldwide.


Gripped By Madness (as Vyce) (2006)
Freak of Nature (as Vyce) (2007)
Talk-Sick Vol. 1 (as Vyce) (2009)
The Hit (w/ Flesruoy Llik) (2010)
My Halloween Mask (w/ Cult Status) (2010)
Attempted Suicide (w/ Flesruoy Llik) (2011)
New Drug (w/ Cult Status) (2011)
Halloween Sessions (w/ Cult Status) (2011)
Transfigurations of the Being (as Vyce) (2012)
Quick & Painless (w/ Flesruoy Llik) (2012)
Hate (w/ Cult Status) (2012)
Black (w/ Flesruoy Llik) (2013)
Word Sasha Vol. 1 (w/ SEWERJUICE) (2014)
Word Sasha Vol. 2 (w/ SEWERJUICE) (2015)
Red (w/ Flesruoy Llik) (2015)
Common Nights (2015)
Winter Solstice (w/ SEWERJUICE) (2016)
Flesruoy Llik (w/ Flesruoy Llik) (2017)
Horrorcore Verses (w/ Flesruoy Llik) (2018)
Green (w/ Flesruoy Llik) (2018)
The Obscurity (w/ Cult Status) (2018)
Microphone Confessions (2019)
Gold (w/ Flesruoy Llik) (2019)
The Violence of Giants (w/ Rated R and ILLtemper) (2022)

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