Gibby Stites

Gibby Stites

Gibby Stites is an emcee from NJ.

In November of 2020, it was announced that he would be releasing music with Twiztid’s Majik Ninja Entertainment. After releasing two projects with the label, Gibby was moved to the Alumni page of the official MNE site, and began to once again release music independently.


Gillmatic (2012)
Broke N Local (2013)
Back2Basix EP (2015)
Family Tree (2016)
Family Tree (Book 2) (2017)
Family Tree (Book 3) (2017)
Broken Branches EP (2017)
Technical Difficulties (2018)
Channel Surfing EP (2019)
Regularly Scheduled Programming (2020)
The 13th Wonder (2021)
Welcome to illville (2021)
Regularly Scheduled Programming (Deluxe Edition) (2021)
Regularly Scheduled Programming (Slowed & Chopped Edition) (2021)
STiLL iLL (2022)
Lost in the Sauce Vol. 1 (2022)
Remote Control (2022)
Hellspawn (w/ Benny Holiday) (2022)
Revenge of the Gibby Dead (2022)
Don’t Touch That Dial (2022)
The iLLMiXES Vol. 1 Mixtape (2023)
The iLLMiXES Vol. 2 Mixtape (2023)
On Demand (2023)
GILLA (2023)
Off Air (2023)
The iLLMiXES Vol. 3 (2023)
iLLVANiA: Aria Of Horrors (2023)
Family Tree (Book 4) (2023)
The First 48 (2023)
Leathal Winter (w/ Fury) (2023)
The iLLMiXES Vol. 4 (2024)
Pariah (2024)
Tonight’s Lineup (2024)

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