2-Face is an emcee from Maryland.

He has released numerous albums as one half of the horrorcore duo Isolated Beingz, as well as two full-length solo projects.


The Aftermath Of The Unchosen Path (w/ Isolated Beingz) (2007)
Wicked Warefare EP (w/ Isolated Beingz) (2007)
Body Bag Krew EP (w/ Body Bag Krew) (2008)
A Horror Classic (2009)
Sex, Drugz & Wicked Shit (w/ Isolated Beingz) (2010)
AHC2​:​ Return Of The Maggots (2012)
Wicked Revival LP (w/ Isolated Beingz) (2012)
Elm Street Project (w/ Elm Street Project) (2014)
Trioxin LP (w/ Isolated Beingz) (2016)
Tales From the Crypt Mixtape (w/ Isolated Beingz) (2018)
Last House by the Cemetery (w/ Isolated Beingz) (2019)
Psycho Cinema (w/ Isolated Beingz) (2022)
The Ledford Tape (w/ Isolated Beingz) (2024)

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