Freddie Dredd

Freddie Dredd

Freddie Dredd (born September 19, 1997) is a Canadian rapper and producer based in Oshawa, Ontario. He is originally from Durham, Ontario. Best known for blending gritty, lo-fi sounds, vintage samples, and intense—often dark—lyrics.


God is Wonderful EP (2015)
Snuff EP (2015)
Death Valley EP (2016)
8Ball Playaz (w/ Genshin) (2016)
8Ball Playaz 2 (w/ Genshin) (2016)
Freddie Dredd E.P. Collection (2016)
Dredd (2017)
Fade EP (2017)
War Before Civilization 1726 (w/ JAK3, Soulzay, DJ Akoza, Dragg, and MC Holocaust) (2017)
Casper Flip EP (w/ Jak3) (2017)
Oh Darling (2018)
Pink Lotus EP (2018)
All Alone (2019)
Variety Pack Ep Vol. 1 (2019)
Need a Hit (w/ Soudiere) (2019)
Cha Cha (2019)
Dreddalicious (2019)
Suffer (2020)
Wtf U Mean (w/ Haarper) (2020)
North (w/ Occvlt) (2020)
Doomset (2021)
Freddie’s Inferno (2022)
Freddie’s Inferno – The Slow Descent (2022)
Freddie’s Inferno – Ghost Slowed (2022)

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