Anerae Veshaughn Brown (born July 30, 1974), better known by his stage name X-Raided, is an American rapper from Sacramento, California, United States.

In 1992, Brown was sentenced to 31 years in prison on murder charges, which Brown denied, maintaining his innocence. The lyrics of his debut album, Psycho Active, was submitted as evidence by the prosecutors. Subsequently, Brown continued to record rap songs in prison, until being released on parole 26 years into his sentence.

He was later signed with Strange Music.


Niggaz in Black (1991)
Psycho Active (1992)
Xorcist (1995)
Unforgiven (1999)
Speak of the Devil (as Nefarious) (2000)
Vengeance Is Mine (2000)
The Initiation (2001)
X-Ology: The Best of X-Raided (2001)
And He Shall Appear (2001)
Deadly Game (2002)
City of Kings (w/ Kingpen) (2002)
These Walls Can Talk (2002)
The X-Filez, Vol. 1 (2003)
The X-Filez, Vol. 2 (2004)
The X-Filez, Vol. 3 (2005)
Ignition (w/ Loki) (2007)
The Unforgiven Vol. 2: Assisted Suicide (2009)
The Eternally Unforgiven Project (2009)
The Unforgiven Vol. 2.5: Assisted Suicide (Collector’s Edition) (2010)
Bloc Bizniz (w/ Bloc Star) (2010)
Unforgiven Vol. 3: Vindication (2011)
Sacrifice Mixtape (2012)
Sacramentally Disturbed (2012)
Psychotic Activity (2014)
Psychoactive 2 (2014)
A Gun With a Body on It (w/ Smigg Dirtee) (2015)
Aneraé VeShaughn – The Execution Of X-Raided (2018)
California Dreamin (2019)
There Will Be a Storm (2020)
Family Matters (w/ Luni Coleone) (2021)
A Prayer in Hell (2023)

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