Sematary (born December 22, 2000) is a horrorcore, witch house, and trap artist from California, USA. He’s also known as DJ SORROW, Sematary Grave Man, and Grave Man.

Sematary started his music career with his friend at the time, Ghost Mountain, releasing their debut mixtape in August of 2019, Grave House and three months later, a solo release from Sematary, Rainbow Bridge.

He gained popularity on sites like SoundCloud and Tumblr in recent years – frequently collaborating with Ghost Mountain, releasing two collaborative mixtapes, Grave House & Hundred Acre Wrist Hosted By DJ Sorrow and another two solo sequels to Rainbow Bridge; Rainbow Bridge 2 and Rainbow Bridge 3. The latter garnered widespread positive acclaim from critics.

Sematary also began to grow the Haunted Mound collective that he and Ghost Mountain had founded, recruiting several other artists such Buckshot, Hackle, Turnabout, Snuffer and producers such as Oscar18 and Gonerville. In mid-2021, Ghost Mountain left the group, due to having different focuses and a lack of passion for the music.

His latest mixtape Screaming Forest was released in late 2021, with features from fellow Haunted Mound members Buckshot and Hackle.

In 2023, Sematary released a mixtape titled “Butcher House”.


Grave House (w/ Ghost Mountain) (2019)
Rainbow Bridge (2019)
Rainbow Bridge 2 (2019)
Warboy (2020)
Hundred Acre Wrist (w/ Ghost Mountain) (2020)
Rainbow Bridge 3 (2021)
Screaming Forest (2021)
Butcher House (2023)


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