Fphaty Garcia

Fphaty Garcia

Adrian Garcia, better known by his stage name Fphaty Garcia, is an American MC. Texas-born and Maryland-bred, Garcia hit the scene in 2004.

He has released various solo projects with different labels including Butchered Beat Productionz and 5th Power Entertainment.


El Gordo EP (2011)
Illegal Status Mixtape (2012)
410 SPIC EP (2012)
MekSickeN Mixtape (2013)
Voyeur Necrophile EP (2013)
La Batalla For Resurgence (2017)
Rotten Tales & Treats (Halloween EP) (2018)
Mental Cleansing EP (2019)
¡PELIGRO! (2021)
Neverending Evil (w/ SixtySix Killz) (2021)

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