Mr. Chachi

Mr. Chachi

Born and raised repping the Eastern Shore [Maryland], Mr. Chachi picked up his first microphone in June of 2001. Scattering a few disappearances here and there, he always manages to come back to the game. Though he’s been known to drop a hip hop/club track here and there, the horrorcore scene is where he’s spent the majority of his years.


Xterminate Thy Beliefs (as Lyte) (2001)
Pimps Up, Hoes Down (as Lyte) (2004)
I Stand Alone (as Big Pene) (2004)
Thinking Putty (2005)
The Holy Grail of Hip Hop (2007)
Fry Away With Me (2008)
Through the Untrained Eye (as Lyte) (2009)
Suicide Syndrome (2014)

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