F.R.EEZE, born Blair French, was an emcee signed to the horrorcore label Virus Independent. He has released solo material under various names — Dialtone, DIAL.81, etc — and went on to become a part of the groups Level Jumpers, Formless Figures, and more.

The Detroit native currently makes Electronic, Jazz, and Ambient music under his birth name, and is an award winning producer/billboard charts and graphic designer for DEQ Magazine.


Demo (as Powda, w/ Demigodz) (1998)
The Raw Album… Frostbit (1999)
Winter Gyrls Maxi-Single (1999)
Volume 1 Sampler (w/ Level Jumpers) (2000)
Volume 2 Sampler (w/ Level Jumpers) (2000)
Simply Complx (w/ Level Jumpers) (2001)
The Red Pyramid (w/ Level Jumpers) (2002)
Formless Figures (w/ Formless Figures) (2004)
A 4 Track Mind (as/ Dialtone) (2005)
Boxcar Portals (as DIAL.81) (2008)
Luminous Stasis (as DIAL.81) (2012)
DETROPIA An Original Score (as DIAL.81) (2012)
The Delicate Details (w/ Cosmic Handshakes) (2013)
Memory Fossils (as DIAL.81) (2013)
How to Draw a Box (as DIAL.81) (2013)
Through the Blinds (as Blair French) (2014)
Jellyfish on Cassette (w/ BLKSHRK) (2015)
Big Kahuna (w/ Nois Land) (2016)
…For Todd (w/ BLKSHRK & Topher Horn) (2016)
In the Mist (w/ Cosmic Handshakes) (2018)
Patio Pastels Mini LP (as Blair French) (2019)
Belle Isle Balearic (w/ Peter Croce) (2020)
The Art of Us (as Blair French) (2020)
Boxcar Portal (Limited Edition) (as DIAL.81) (2021)
From Over the Hills Beyond (as Blair French) (2022)
Ancestarians (as Blair French) (2024)

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