One Man Kru

One Man Kru

Bloody River Records artist and international pro-wrestling star, One Man Kru has been in movies, TV shows, short films, documentaries, wrestled some of the biggest names in sports entertainment, and performed in several countries including Japan, Mexico, South Korea, Thailand, and all over the United States. Most recently, One Man Kru participated in the hit Korean TV program Show Me The Money 6.


Divine Perdition (w/ Keepaz of the Krypt) (2005)
Whatever it Takes (as Krucifer) (2006)
The Devil’s Workshop (w/ Keepaz of the Krypt) (2006)
I’ve Got That Fire (2007)
Haunted by God (w/ Keepaz of the Krypt) (2007)
I Will Never Quit (2016)
Legend of the Earth (2019)
Hidden Gemz (Lost Rare & Buried Treasure) (2021)
Kasket Kutz (w/ Keepaz of the Krypt) (2021)
An Astronomik Christmas With Dr. Khronik (w/ Keepaz of the Krypt) (2022)
The Astronomic Dr. Khronik (w/ Keepaz of the Krypt) (2023)

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