Evul Ded

Evul Ded

Evul Ded is an emcee and founding member of the groups Secrets of Thirteen and, more recently, the Creature Clique. He has released a number of solo albums throughout the years, as well as various group projects.


Secrets Of Thirteen (w/ Secrets of Thirteen) (2003)
Memoirs of Walking Deadmen – Side 1: The Heartless (w/ Secrets of Thirteen) (2005)
Under The Dirt (2009)
Chopped & Murda’-Mixed! (w/ Secrets of Thirteen) (2010)
An Evul/Grymm Halloween EP (2016)
Murder Melodies Mixtape (w/ Creature Clique) (2017)
Razor Blade Saviors (w/ Creature Clique) (2020)
Planet Of The Undead (2020)
Call of the Void (w/ Creature Clique) (2020)

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