Dyad Souls

Dyad Souls

Dyad Souls are a hardcore Hip Hop duo who reside in Sydney, Australia. The group consists of two emcees, Dario Argento and Mario Bava, which are actually the names of Italy’s two most famous and disturbing horror film directors, who specialized in horror and giallo films.

The two emcees dubbed themselves with these names in 2008, formerly known as Waiztid and H8rd.

Group Members

H8rd/Mario Bava
Waiztid/Dario Argento


2Faced (2006)
Laughing at Tha Lifeless (2007)
Speak Ov The Devil (2008)
Overkill (2009)
Terminally Ill (2011)
The Last Writes (2016)

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  1. Hey man I used to be obsessed with these cunts I have a dyad souls tattoo haha I used to talk to them on fb then they disappeared I’d love to know what happened

    • I was looking into them again recently. I have no idea what they are up to these days, but I’d also love to find out.

  2. Something quite unique, these blokes. Real laugh out loud Aussie humour in their lyrics too. Constructing a narrative by Rapping every Giallo flick name. Thats a work of genius.

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