Alzymerz was a Sydney based emcee that started writing rhymes in his early years of high school and from then has not looked back. In 2004, Alzymerz first debuted as a solo artist performing local gigs around Sydney. In 2005, Alzymerz formed a group with local emcee Rion Maiden and began working on a demo album as ‘Dyad Souls’.

In 2006, Dyad Souls released a demo album and were featured in many gigs around the Sydney area. In 2007, Dyad Souls worked alongside Australian artists KidCrusher and Trips and in 2008 Dyad Souls released their debut LP, ‘Speak Ov The Devil’ and were featured on Mr. Hyde’s Collabo album Pt. 2.

The following year saw the second release from Dyad Souls, ‘Overkill’. In late 2009, Dyad Souls signed to Goldminded Records and began work on their third and final album ‘Terminally Ill,’ which was released in 2011. This album was 50% produced by Klive Kraven and 50% produced by J Nyce of Psych Ward.

In 2012, Alzymerz released his debut Solo LP through Goldminded Records, ‘Methods of Madness’.

Alzymerz brought a hardcore edge to his raps with a focus on Giallo movies and hard hitting multiple syllables, in your face punch lines over grimy beats. “I think a lot of people take shit way too literal nowadays, I’m sick to death of these BBQ rappers representing Australian Hip Hop that spit about the same boring shit and are so fuckin’ judgemental of anyone that steps outside of the status quo”. The combination of tracks filled with random violence, concepts, stories and real life experiences offers Alzymerz a distinct point of difference inside of the Australian Hip Hop market.


2Faced (w/ Dyad Souls) (2006)
Laughing at Tha Lifeless (w/ Dyad Souls) (2007)
Speak Ov The Devil (w/ Dyad Souls) (2008)
Overkill (w/ Dyad Souls) (2009)
Terminally Ill (w/ Dyad Souls) (2011)
Methods of Madness (2012)
The Devil’s Poetry (2013)
Alzymerz vs. Realizm – Deadly Combo (w/ Realizm) (2014)
The Last Writes (w/ Dyad Souls) (2016)

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