Dr. Creep

Dr. Creep

DR CREEP is an emcee/producer/artist/video editor out of Phoenix, Arizona, The Epic Land of the Southwest. He delivers raw underground hip-hop; It’s controversial, dark, esoteric, epic, and conscious with ancient wisdom and forbidden knowledge.

Never having been signed to any labels, Dr. Creep has been in the shadows of the hip hop game since day one.

Also known as Creepbhill, Dr. Creep was heavily into skateboarding throughout most of his earlier years (12-20+). Then, he was influenced by the darker and more mysterious hip hop of the underground (which ultimately led him to the grimy esoteric) and started mainly working on hip hop in his early 20’s. Skateboarding was eventually fazed out for music to take its place.

Now Creep just works on music, checks out retro video games, flips on eBay, and likes to enjoy the outdoors while not working in the studio.


Might B Ekcentric (as Creepbhill) (2001)
Harmonic Dissonance (as Creepbhill) (2002)
Jack-O-Lantern (as Creepbhill) (2003)
Methyl Mercury (as Creepbhill, w/ Sidinomis) (2003)
Railroad (as Creepbhill, w/ Sidinomis) (2004)
Halloween (as Creepbhill, w/ Sidinomis) (2004)
RedMoonBlood (as Creepbhill) (2004)
The Taxidermist (as Creepbhill) (2005)
Evil Toxicants (as Creepbhill) (2006)
Schoolhouse Massacre (as Creepbhill) (2007)
Diseased (w/ Sacrifice in Numbers) (2007)
Valley of the S.I.N. (w/ Sacrifice in Numbers) (2008)
Where The Dead Tree Grows (2009)
SINdicate (w/ Sacrifice in Numbers) (2009)
The Dead Tree Project (2010)
Pyramid Effect & The Sun Order (2011)
The Rise Up (w/ Anarchy Gang) (2011)
Post Apocalypse (w/ Anarchy Gang) (2011)
AI: Actual Intelligence (2012)
Epic of the Gold Vimana (2012)
They Kill (2013)
I Am The Storm (2013)
Alpha Wolf: Recon (2014)
Annihilation And Transformation (2014)
Alley Trax Vol. 1: A Requiem Over Time (2014)
Doom Porn (2015)
The Ravagers (2016)
Zombification of Society (2017)
Obscure (2019)
Horrified by Design (2020)
Universal Ascension: V838 Mon (2021)
Resident 2030 (2022)

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